Modern Technology Keeps Advancing

Advancement in Technology

Every advancement in technology almost makes us forget what the former technology looked like. A good example is the Walkman. When it became commercially available it gave the person using it the advantage of listening to their music or audio files anywhere.

Pioneer Walkman

The pioneer type of Walkman was a bit large but with the advent of micro technology it was made smaller.

With another technology advancement, the compact disc was invented. This device allowed you to choose the file you wanted to listen to and also adjust the quality of the sound, it  certainly ensured a quick exit to the Walkman.

World of Music

However the disc man as well as the CD Walkman were quickly out shadowed by the MP3 player. The MP3 player had the capacity to store and play many audio files and was still a lot smaller than the earlier devices.

The coming of the MP3 player gave us a lot of control over what we listen to and what we download making the electronic world of music and audio only a click away.

 One of the early inventors of the radio was almost committed to a mental asylum because he was practically misunderstood but today the invention of the radio and its impact in communication is limitless,It really improved life as we see it. Anytime you see an electronic device and carry out an action with it, remember it was only realised by the passion and the focus of Smart scientists and a circuit board that was made smaller and smarter.


The MP4 player also allows us to watch music on the internet or through our TV, we can also find out a lot about artists on the internet and it could be through any gadget that has internet connectivity.

Research And Experiments

You may have been curious as I am at what makes this things now feasible and realistic.  Scientists and inventors have not allowed themselves to be satisfied but have relentlessly carried out research and experiments to find a better way of doing things.
Paul Eisler as one of this scientists invented the PCB (printed circuit board) in 1936  This invention allowed gadgets to be made smaller and to perform greater functions. It would not have been possible to see the invention of the Walkman if the PCB and other inventions were not done.

Change in Technology

After the invention of the PCB, scientists has looked for so many ways and options to even make gadgets smaller and also have multiple functions and abilities. They have really not allowed themselves to rest but on the other hand the public and the end users just see the developed gadgets as mere ordinary inventions not really appreciating the countless hours of hard work and passion put in by this scientists to see a change in technology.

I have reasoned at a time what it will look like if you had to talk about the functions and capabilities of your smartphone released in 2017 to a person who only knew about the technology available before 1985. They would actually conclude that you are exagerrating and have actually gone beserk. Anytime you see an electronic device and carry out an action with it, remember it was only realised by the passion and the focus of Smart scientists and a circuit board that was made smaller and smarter.

The Applications of 3D TV Technology

A television you can view in three dimensions may certainly become a preferred choice and a preferred viewing device in expected consumer demands of the future. Most of the present updated types of television for now only offer 2 Dimensional TV viewing.

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      3 dimensional TV viewing

      This type of 3 dimensional TV viewing has been in people's imagination for several years and it was almost equated to science fiction to witness more than two dimension of television viewing and entertainment. 3 Dimensional TV has many realistic uses for personal and more importantly for professional applications. It can for example be useful in the field of Architecture, in virtual education, in construction and manufacturing. In the field of medicine and in particular radiography , an X-ray scan for example will be properly enhanced if it can be looked at from all angles, this would certainly assist the medical professional to make accurate and incisive diagnosis leaving a narrow margin for errors of judgment.


      The limited view of a 2 Dimensional scan will be eliminated, crucial details that may prove decisive and important would also be revealed. This type of 3 dimensional scans could be an advantage for the carrying out of non- invasive surgery since it can enable physicians and surgeons to look at the patient's wounds, bones, internal organs and even discover any foreign materials in the body without opening up a patient. The use of this scan can also be effectively used by engineers and zoologists who can simply use this to look at the internal parts of animals facing extinction without touching them with a scapel.

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